Providing Global Risk Management Solutions

The world is an unstable place today. ISA Group represents the eye of calm in the midst of domestic and international storms. Our years of experience, combined with a straight forward, practical approach, make our team unflappable. In moments of uncertainty, rest easy knowing that you have an exceptionally well trained team at your side. ISA Group has the ability to respond and set up operations in some of the most remote areas of the world. Our team of professionals security specialists provide our customers with the mission critical support needed to resume production in a safe and secure environment. Our team has continually and consistently demonstrated its ability to perform successfully in ever changing environments.

Protective Services Include:

  • Personal Security      
  • Professional Guards        
  • Aviation / Port Security        
  • Global Events 

Corporate Services:

  • Vulnerability Assessment / Management        
  • Threat Assessments        
  • Consulting Services        
  • Logistics        
  • Training / Mentoring Services        
  • Auxiliary Functions

Specialty Services for Oil and Gas:

  • Security Protection
  • and Complete Mission Support        
  • Oil Spill Contingency Planning & Response¬∑        
  • Logistics and Support Services        
  • RADS - Remote Aerial Detection Systems        
  • Oil Spill Monitoring & Detection

Our Services