Eagle Eye

is a system dedicated to aerial surveillance and reconnaissance using (C4-ISR) multi-role, multi-mission aircraft. These aircraft are based on the rugged and reliable Hawker Beechcraft King Air, Cessna Citation 550 or other airframes, mission dependent, and can perform multiple missions with various quick-change applications.

Eagle Eye is a unique, highly-capable Airborne Multi-Role, Multi-Sensor, Special Missions – Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Platform (MR/SM-ASP) which has been fully configured for all C4-ISR and Maritime Surveillance as well as Oil Spill Monitoring and Security applications. 

The chosen aircraft is specially modified with installed electronics as required by the mission and could have a true High Definition (or other system depending on the customer's specific needs), day-night, Multi-Mission Optical Stabilized Payload (MMOSP) with Electro Optical and Infrared (EO-IR) capabilities.

A Specially-designed Mission Control Operator Console with a High Performance Central Mission Computer with Hot-Swap Hard Drives and onboard Digital Video Recording capabilities as well as a custom designed, dual 19 inch HD Mission Monitor display system with two additional HDTV displays in the cabin and one HDTV display in the cockpit to display sensor suite and tactical information to all operator and pilot locations.

An on-board Line-of-Sight (LOS) Airborne Microwave Transmitter system with two-way data link and Portable Ground Receivers; a Communications Intelligence Wideband, Multi-Frequency Tactical Radio Receiver-Transmitter sub-system with encrypted, secure Air-to-Ground Communication links.

A Special Missions Cargo Pod for installation of Sensor Suite and EO/IR Turret; a highly upgraded avionics suite including a Flight Management system with triple GPS WASS-enabled, Lateral Vertical Profile low visibility approach capabilities to any runway in the world; Coupled with enhanced and elementary surveillance transponders; a sophisticated pilot/crew cabin intercom system; an integrated Mission Control Software Suite from with Mission
Moving Map display for geo-location of any spot on Earth allowing synchronization and control of all sensors onboard the aircraft; a Class A Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System.

A High Frequency Radio (HF), a four (4) channel Satcom system which can support two (2) simultaneous 64 channels, or a single (1) (BGAN) channel interfaced with the intermediate-gain electronically steered antenna to receive and transmit video, voice and data to-and-from the aircraft via Inmarsat's world-wide satellite network.

The EMS system is installed and interfaced with the airborne, beyond line-of-sight (BLOS) video surveillance and communications suite which supports transmission of high resolution, live streaming video, allows voice calls, enables the aircraft to hold in-flight full duplex video conferences, send and receive moving map data, access the Internet, send faxes, still pictures, and transfer recorded video files in "real-time" to/from anywhere in the world over a link which is compatible to all military-standard encryption devices, and an  Iridium Satellite telephone system and is fully provisioned military radio systems with interface to the aircraft Special Mission Audio system with 2 each installed "batwing" antennas and one Line of Sight (LOS) UHF antenna, all with US and NATO Blue Force Tracker interface, antenna and provisioning.  


The Platform is maximized to cope with numerous challenges in difficult operational theatres and dense communications environments with rapid and frequent changes in configuration parameters and provides persistent tactical and strategic intelligence by surveillance and identification of targets utilizing its day-and-night stabilized electro-optical sensors with highly gyro-stabilized tracking capabilities and by utilizing its communications and onboard computer processing capabilities for searching, intercepting, measuring, locating, monitoring and analyzing targets and communication transmissions of interest. 

It can also be configured with optional Maritime Surveillance or Synthetic Aperture Radar with Ground Moving Target Indicator (GMTI) capabilities and high-speed, high band-width, fully encrypted, Ku-band satellite communications system and Satellite Data Links as well as being fully customer configurable for requested additional subsystems such as SIGINT and COMINT or other specialized sensors for Oil Spill Monitoring if it a mission requirement.

Eagle Eye Offers Several, One-of-a-Kind, Flexible, Multi-Mission Capabilities in Aerial Surveillance Platform (ASP) with the Following, Persistent, Quick-Change Multi-Role Applications:

C4-ISR Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) Platform for


  • Fisheries Patrol    
  • Anti-Piracy Patrol
  • Target Acquisition and Designation
  • Signals Intelligence
  • Border Surveillance    
  • Forest Fire Spotting
  • Nuclear Materials Detection    
  • Anti-Terrorism
  • Air Ambulance    
  • Enemy Location and Tracking
  • Oil Spill Monitoring and Response    
  • Offshore Facilities Security
  • Maritime Patrol and EEZ Protection    
  • Troop Movement and Tracking
  • Explosives Detection    
  • Weapons Fire Control
  • Narcotics Surveillance    
  • Special Forces Insertion
  • VIP-Executive Transport    
  • Early Warning
  • Search & Rescue    
  • Pollution Control
  • Pipeline Protection and Patrol    
  • Homeland Security
  • Major Event Security    
  • Persistent VVIP Private Security
  • Airborne Law Enforcement    
  • Nuclear Facilities Protection
  • Illegal Logging, Mining, Pollution and Grazing    
  • Wildlife Survey for Illegal Poaching and Big Game Population Control
  • Maritime Patrol and Fisheries Protection    
  • Natural Disaster Survey and Relief: Flooding, Forest Fire, Volcanic Monitoring
  • Manmade Disaster Detection and Control    
  • Radiation Emissions Detection
  • Search and Rescue

Eagle Eye is the most capable platform rapidly deliverable, fully FAA certified, lowest cost C4-ISR Multi-purpose, Multi-mission Aerial Surveillance Platform in the world — PERIOD!

Eagle Eye is a world leader in C4ISR innovation and integration, providing swift, flexible, and comprehensive solutions to operational challenges.   RADS
end-to-end C4ISR capabilities include design, integration, test, certification, ground and flight training, complete logistics support, and Contractor-Owned, Contractor-Operated (COCO) and Government-Owned, Contractor-Operated (GOCO) C4ISR solutions. 

Eagle Eye provide a comprehensive array of secure mobile communications, lifecycle sustainment, and real-time management of networks, secure mobile communications, data links, and sensors. In addition to top-notch sensors, sensor integration and industry leading communications implementations, Eagle Eye also provides cutting edge Tasking, Collection, Processing, Exploitation & Dissemination (TCPED) Systems. To experience RADS quick reaction and tailored solutions across any C4ISR spectrum, please contact us as designated below.

Work close with System Design, Development, Integration, and Modernization  

  • Tactical communication systems for airborne, fixed and land mobile solutions 
  • Integrated Line-of-Sight (LOS) and Beyond-LOS (BLOS) communications solutions 
  • Wide-area airborne surveillance systems 
  • Airborne command and control systems 
  • Airborne mission computing systems 

​​Worldwide Logistics Support for All RADS C4ISR Related Aircrafts and Systems, including:

  • Operator/Maintenance training
  • Support documentation including operation, installation, and maintenance manuals
  • Complete supply chain management
  • Worldwide field service teams
  • Diagnostics and all levels of repair

Complete C4ISR Services for Either COCO or GOCO Assets, including:

  • Bundled sensors
  • Command/Control
  • The platform
  • All communications
  • Logistics support
  • Operations
  • Airborne personnel (cockpit crew and payload operators)
  • Intelligence analysts
  • Payload operator training

Sensor Systems

  • System design, development, integration, and modernization
  • Technical and operational Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), Electronic Intelligence (ELINT), and Electronic Support Measures (ESM) for airborne and maritime applications 
  • Tasking, Collection, Processing, Exploitation, and Dissemination (TCPED)
  • Integrated airborne shelter systems