Physical Security

  • Alarms
  • Vaults Cages
  • Perimeter Alarms
  • Employee entrances
  • Check central station alarm and testing
  • Employee identification system 
  • Lock and Key Control


Other Security 

  • Employee access to secure areas
  • Check DEA/Local registrations of customers 
  • Check excessive order - systems 
  • Employee hiring procedures
  • Background investigation procedures
  • Facility security 
  • Loss prevention techniques 

Medical and pharmaceutical

​Since 1998 ISA Group has provided audits, compliance, implementation and training for major pharmaceutical distributions in 16 States as well as national compliance strategy.

  • Ensure to the fullest extent possible that each of its distribution facilities are in full compliance with the Controlled Substances Act. The Code of Federal Regulations, Part 1330 to end and DEA    
  • Policies as well as full compliance with appropriate state regulations of controlled substances. Develop a high profile comprehensive internal compliance program that can be aggressively administered which will demonstrate our customers commitment to compliance. 
  • Develop security procedures that will provide deterrence and early detection for loss prevention issues and fundamental security issues that encompass facilities, corporate air fleet and personnel.

isa Group's approach

Introduction to local management  

  •        Explanation of the project purpose, methodology and objectives                In-depth Analysis  
  •        Conduct an in-depth analysis of present controlled substances                 record-keeping and preparation for audit Closing Inventory 
  •        Closing inventory of selected controlled substances (physical count) 


Audit of controlled substances to include: 

  • Official order form (DEA 222) 
  • Vendor invoices 
  • Return records and processions
  • Destructions (DEA 41)
  • Goods lost in transit or stolen (DEA 106)
  •  Analysis of computerized records
  • Order form Processing
  • ARCOS reports
  • Cross-docking requirements
  • CSA pitfalls and traps
  • Primary / secondary receiving documents
  • Sales invoices 
  • Credits
  • Verification's 
  •  Verification of purchases and sales with a
  • focus in the area of "End user diversion" such as customer owned
  • retail stores 
  •  Pre-Inspection prevention techniques 
  •  Analysis of pre-inspection procedures 
  •  Handling of DEA and Local inspections 
  •  Analysis of procedural techniques employed
  • during DEA and Local inspections 
  •  Customer compliance manual 
  •  Broad review and evaluation of written /published compliance program;
  • schedules updates and distributions; special handling/training for compliance
  • personnel and recent "promotes/new Hires"