Auxiliary functions

Translation / cultural adjustment

Our clients recognize that each of their employees is an ambassador for the organization out in the field. ISA Group provides training in cultural awareness to support client personnel as they transition to a new work environment. Knowledge of cultural norms and customs gives relocated employees the assurance needed to conduct themselves with confidence and respect in a new country. ISA Group can make interpreters available where needed to ease communication as employees resettle.

construction / de-construction

As an additional service in support of our clients’ short- and long-term remote operations, ISA Group offers complete set-up and breakdown services for shelters, bunkers, MWR, medical facilities, DFACs, latrine/laundry facilities, perimeter fencing, T-walls, entry control points, towers, communications centers, armories, and logistics/supply facilities.

weapons and equipment maintenance

Government agencies and corporations lose a tremendous amount of money and man-hours through the poor maintenance of weapons and/or equipment. ISA Group has broad experience with field level armorers and heavy equipment operators. Our personnel help clients extend the useful life of their equipment by cleaning and maintenance as well as having gunsmiths and master mechanics to address serious issues. Our system is both scalable and transportable, allowing us to take our services to clients in the field wherever the expertise is needed.

property book and inventory management systems

A major investment in gear and supplies can be worn down by attrition as a result of poor accounting and improper supply management. ISA Group personnel are skilled in property book and supply management concepts in the field, improving accountability decreases the incidence of theft or loss.

logistics and support

Along with our primary security program, ISA Group offers ancillary but mission-critical functions such as food service; IT; electrical, mechanical and plumbing support; and transportation services (including both armored and light skinned vehicles).