Medical and pharmaceutical

For over a decade we have been providing a safe and secure environment where patients, visitors and staff roam freely. ISA is the eyes and ears of your organization. Our quality of service and commitment to integrity is why our customers rely on ISA to protect their people, valued assets and interests.  Conducting vulnerability / risk assessments including a review your current security and loss prevention practices to ensure you are in full compliance with industry protocols and current regulations. Develop security procedures that will provide deterrence and early detection for loss prevention issues and fundamental security issues that encompass facilities. We work closely with hospital administrators implementing polices and procedures to mitigate any identified security issues while taking into consideration the regulatory compliance issues.  

general aviation

Air transportation risks have increased in the last decade, and with them the need to continually update and alter techniques used for airport security. ISA Group is a leading provider of private fixed base operation (FBO) airport security for clients throughout the US. Our risk assessments uncover even the most obscured vulnerabilities so they can be addressed in the security design from the outset. We then employ a practical combination of the latest electronic detection and surveillance systems, along with a multi-layered approach that takes into account threats stretching past the airport perimeter. Our state of the art screening techniques safeguard passengers, crew and equipment without congestion
or delays, leaving the facility to operate in a state of streamlined protection. 

Screening Services Include: 

  • Private Charters
  • NBA, NHL, MLB and Collegiate Charters
  • Off Site Screening
  • Cruise Line Screening

Personal Security Details and Static Security

ISA Group provides robust personal security for high-level corporate executives, diplomats and government officials. Our security teams draw on experience in law enforcement and the armed services, and perform at peak levels of professionalism, skill and discretion. We tailor our security details to fit the individual protected as well as the circumstances of his/her travel. The ISA difference in both personal and static security is a measured approach that adjusts the style and tone of our comprehensive protection services to blend with the local surroundings, without compromising safety. All ISA personnel are fully aware of cultural and religious norms, combining disciplined expertise with a respect for local customs.   

oil and gas security

Planning and the Organization of complete security programs providing highly specialized services for clients in any environment, with the goal of mitigating risk and reducing exposure. Security officer training for the protection of employees and assets in low and high risk environments. Complete emergency evacuation plans out of the country of operations for employees working in corporate offices, base of operations, facilities and remote locations due to civil unrest and other natural or unnatural conditions. Residential, office, facilities, oil platforms and remote base camp security surveys. Emergency action plans for natural and unnatural events. Kidnapping and Ransom negotiations. Maritime security training and organization. Employee training table top exercises. 

Global Events

Having provided security for such events as the World Economic Forum at the Dead Sea and the 2008 emergency oil summit in Saudi Arabia, ISA Group is a trusted partner in safeguarding major events. Our experience ranges from securing large public gatherings to managing private events with VIP attendees. Whether taking the lead or playing a supporting role, ISA has developed a set of best practices to secure people and infrastructure, control access, and maintain order and flow. ISA is adept coordinating with local law enforcement and other parallel security mechanisms. Our work begins with an exhaustive risk evaluation, which assists in planning and sets the stage for the implementation of appropriate security procedures that ensure maximum protection with minimum interference. 

Port security

As the hubs of the global supply chain, ports are particularly susceptible to intrusion. They typically sprawl across hundreds of acres of water and land in a complex array of ship, rail, and truck traffic. Sophisticated breach detection's systems are only part of the solution. ISA’s port security strategies pull together the huge number of port activity data points into a cohesive actionable whole. Our solutions safeguard cargoes, vessels, crews, and operations personnel while enabling continuously smooth port operations. 

Movie productions

ISA Group offers continuous security support for on-location film production, which frequently can take the production team into unfamiliar environments. We work closely with your location department to maintain the security of your equipment and personnel, and can provide secure transportation, close protection for high level participants, and discreet, effective perimeter control. ISA Group works with local governments to handle customs documents and permits, and can assist the production with the vetting of local staff. Our extensive experience working around the globe assures a smooth working relationship with the local community, and paves the way for your production to proceed without interruption. ISA Group's security platform limits your risk of exposure to loss and disruption, keeping the production secure, on time and on budget. 

protective services