labor / strike management

Labor disputes can lead to loss of revenue, reduced competitive advantage, last-minute contracts and damage to a company’s reputation. ISA Group advances detailed strategies to avert labor unrest. Should a strike become unavoidable, ISA Group works with our clients to mitigate the potential associated damage. Our seasoned security teams fully understand the regulations governing labor actions and can provide help with contingency workers, evidence collection, executive protection and mobile security for drivers and other mobile assets. ISA Group dedicates our manifold resources to helping our clients maintain continued operations in a peaceful environment during a workplace dispute.

Threat and vulnerability assessments

In today’s dynamic threat environment, one size does not fit all when it comes to security. ISA Group is an industry leader in vulnerability and threat assessments, having incorporated into our knowledge base some of the most advanced assessment techniques developed by the world’s top militaries in the post-9/11 milieu. ISA Groups assessments allow our clients to eliminate unnecessary expenditures by focusing on specific relevant threats. The resulting security plan is tight, reliable and cost-effective.

crisis management and response

In the state of alarm that accompanies an emergency event, key decisions can be clouded by emotion. Yet, the first hours and days in response to a crisis are critical. At ISA Group, we assist our clients in forecasting potential crises and developing response plans in advance that can head off collateral damage. ISA Group devises and evaluates tabletop exercises that give managers practice responding to relevant scenarios. Our crisis management solutions help our clients coordinate internal and external responses, minimizing damage to property and personnel while preserving the institution’s reputation. In addition, ISA Group has the ability to mobilize quickly in response to an ongoing situation that escalates beyond the capabilities of onsite administrators. In either case, our clients trust in the full constellation of ISA Group's services to guide them safely through a disruptive event. 

hostage negotiations

A hostage situation can turn into a long tense waiting game at best, and loss of life at worst, in the hands of an unskilled recovery team. ISA Group has a track record of successful hostage recoveries that speaks for itself. Our approach is to take the initiative in seeking out contact with the captors as soon as possible. Our understanding of the motivations that drive kidnappers in specific areas of the world allow us to tip the balance in favor of winning freedom for the hostage(s). Working with our network of local resources, the ISA team is skilled at uncovering leads and taking advantage of opportunities that can open a dialogue with the relevant group. Once contact is made our team is skilled at keeping the lines of communication open and crafting viable safe passage options.

information collection and research

ISA Group uses the full range of collection sources to gather, analyze and investigate potential threats to our clients’ valued assets. ISA Group’s well-established relationships in the Middle East, South Asia, Far East, Africa and Latin America support our ability to efficiently assess the capabilities, intentions, and tactics of potential adversaries in a sustained threat atmosphere. Our analysis sets the stage for the design of appropriate, focused countermeasures tailored to distinct threats.

Consulting Services