Effectively managing security risks is critical in today’s business landscape. ISA Group is a global innovator in threat reduction and vulnerability assessment assistance. ISA specializes in providing Security protection, life support and logistics. 
Our highly experienced team allows us to provide our clients with highly specialized services for in any environment with the goal of Mitigating risk and reducing exposure. Our team will design customized, integrated solutions that provide security at every level of your organization, allowing your enterprise to proceed unimpeded in any environment. We utilize a sophisticated methodology to define the relationship between assets, realistic threats, probability and consequences in order to implement the most efficient use of security resources for our clients. 

​​Our Approach, matched with unparalleled experience in the world's most challenging places is designed to assure the integrity and security of your organization at every level. We protect the assets you value most - your people, facilities and property

If you would like to learn more about any of the services we provide please contact us at either of our locations


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